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KnowHowNutrition not only runs projects to teach people how to build and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle sustainably, I also work privately with individuals through personal, and group, nutrition and cooking classes and personal boxing training sessions.

I come from a deprived background, and I will never try to hide that.

My and I brother weren’t privileged in the way of sweets, treats and trips abroad, and it would break my mothers heart every time we couldn’t go to the corner shop, go on days out, get books from the school fairs or toys from the trip gift shops, or even that if the car broke it would just sit on the curb because we couldn’t afford to fix it that month! But we were the luckiest kids in the world.

My father was a chef for over 20 years, and my grandfather a classically trained chef at the famed Savoy hotel in London. As a result, my mother grew up on farms as her parents owned and ran a multitude of restaurants! This was great news for me, as before I could talk I would be up at the sideboard with my dad (with my baby bum hanging out of my apron – as trousers were never a priority) learning how to bake, sautee, and make up amazing recipes with whatever we could afford.

I can now comfortably say that my family has moved on and we are all doing far better, but I never lost that passion for food and budgeting. I have worked as a part-time chef since I was 15, and was even going to chase it as a career until my passion for science kicked in around the age of 15, following the loss of my extra stones in weight and start of my passion in boxing, and so I decided to study the specific effect of food on the body instead!

I know all this may seem unnecessary on a shop page… But I want you to know who it is that is trying to change your life.

I was a fat kid, and I lost my weight through a love of boxing and passion for science. I was once influenced by the imposing industry however, suffering a brief stint of reverse anorexia nervosa (a body dismorphia condition where you view yourself as skinny, no matter how many weights you lift or food you eat), though through actual knowledge, research and plain work, I have developed into the motivated and driven man that I am today.

I wish that everyone could go to the shops and return with bags brimming with fresh, ethical, British produce, without having to scrape their pennies to do so! Then be able to make up the most amazing foods and feasts on a whim, without the need of standardised and confusing recipes!

By joining the KnowHow way of life, you choose to sustain a healthy lifestyle which doesn’t require rules, discipline, punishment and guilt. You instead choose to understand your food and your body, and treat it with the respect it deserves.

Also, by wearing KnowHowNutrition clothing, you show to the world that you don’t need to be told. That you have invested in yourself. And that:




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