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This bit is all about the knowledge, the good stuff, the big cheese, the… science. Within this heading you will find information on all aspects relating to nutrition; from the underlying and basic principles of biology and chemistry, all the way up dihydroxyacetone phosphate being an isomer of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate after the splitting of fructose-1,6-bisphosphate by aldolase. Don’t worry, I just put that in there to mess with you, in-fact most articles will be no-where near this level as for most of us it’s not neccessary, I am at university studying a degree in nutrition and the sciencey bit is the bit I love so I have no choice, but most of you will do so just skip that bit!

I personally would advise reading my fundamental articles on the basic concepts of chemistry, biology and respiration, being delicately named Basic Biology 101, as these subjects will provide the key underlying knowledge that will have a drastic effect on your understanding of anything related to nutrition and human physiology in general. They are all, at least I hope they are, very easy to understand and although people may think it’s complicated it’s really not. I would recommend a notepad and pen if you really do want to learn how your body works so you can put it to action to save heap-loads of money, time and effort that would be wasted on trying that ‘1 weird tip to remove 99% of body fat in 3 hours!’ You won’t find any of that here. This is know-how nutrition, not ‘tell-you-how’ nutrition.

Links to the ‘basics’ pages can be found just under here, along with a link to each series of posts that I bring out regarding a particular subject area. These series will span the whole idea of health and nutrition holistically, involving many different aspects to a true feeling of good nutrition and health. Don’t expect much on the benefits of bongo’s on gastric cleansing, but I genuinely understand more than what we do in a lab, such as the health benefits of meditation, as long as it has a hypothesis and a means of measurement then I’m in and raring to let you all know what I learn!

It would really help if you could give the page a like or a fallow (or both) and if you found any of these articles helpful, or if you didn’t! Feel free to drop me an email, Facebook post, Tweet, letter, postcard, pigeon, message in a bottle, or whatever else and i’ll try to help you out. Even if there is anything you would like me to cover in the science section, and especially in the not-so science section which works by request, just drop me a message anytime!


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