KnowHowNutrition T-Shirt


  • FREE package & postage
  • All shirts are vinyl printed onto high-quality softstyle cotton
  • Tailored fit, extra comfortable
  • Safe for machine wash (Do not boil wash)
  • Profits help us to keep doing what we do
  • Welcome to the KnowHowNation!
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I will not sell anything that I don’t personally love, and when it comes to clothes, especially fit, I am excessively picky. It took a while, but I have found a shirt that I am truly proud to wear and offer to you. The super-soft cotton is not only easily washable, but it is amazingly tailored to the chest and shoulders while keeping a long and relaxed body, essentially making you look more muscular without looking like you’re trying to! Plus, they’re super comfortable…


Why KHN Merch? By wearing KnowHowNutrition merchandise, you are showing to everyone that you have made an active choice to reject all yo-yo diets, commercial plans, stupid supplements and unsustainable habits. You have instead chosen to resonate energy, health and passion from your core biology to your motivated and dedicated mind-set through proper nutrition and understanding. Welcome to the KnowHowNation.

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Shirt Colour

Charcoal, Navy, Purple, Red, Military Green, Sport Grey, Black

Logo Colour

Yellow, Black, White, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Grey


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