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Personal Training

What drives you?

Is it the desire to lose weight?

Gain weight?

Get shredded?

Or get to elite fitness?…


I have a training plan for you.

No matter what your goal, there is work to be done. I don’t work on a ‘withhold information to keep you paying basis’ – working with me is a lifestyle change, not a quick rush to the finish in order to back step away all of that progress in the following months.

I put a lot of work into each and every client: If you have a pain on Wednesday, we work it down on Friday; if you could have pushed harder on Friday, we smash it on Saturday; you want to try a new exercise method or technique on Saturday, we’ll throw it in on Monday.

You are my priority.

I am not the product you are buying! You are the product you are buying. The healthier, happier, more conditioned and more focussed you! We work together, not you doing as you’re told to go home sore and tired and miserable the next day. All sessions involve a good warm-up, a very intense session in which I can garuntee* hard work to reach your goal, and a proper cool down and stretching to avoid the dreaded DOMS! (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – The unnecessary pain the next day)

If you would like to book in for your consultation, or even a free trial if you’re not yet sold, then place your booking below! Sessions are charged at £30 per hour, unless block booking, in which case 10 hours = £250 and 20 hours = £400.

Booking & Session Times

If you’re feeling inspired to test the limits of your own mind – the only true muscle to be fully tested – and your own physical limits, simply click the booking-book below to arrange your session. Once the booking time has been confirmed I will be in contact shortly for further details, payments and merry introductions, provided we haven’t already met!



Click the book. I thought this was funny.





Terms & Conditions

Any necessary equipment can be provided or bought at a 15% discount from the KnowHow Store. Full amount to be paid according to agreed payment method either before or on commencement of any class. Multiple bookings are available and welcome; all payments shall be put through as a single order once all sessions are confirmed. Any payments made are non-refundable after 3 days (72 hours) of booking. If you are not happy with the delivery of your first session you can cancel and be refunded at any point. Charles Cooke is DBS (formerly CRB) cleared, Level 2 RSPH Hygiene certified, actively working chef, Level 5 Diploma in Nutrition (Hons), Level 2 Gym Instruction, Level 3 Personal trainer, First aid trained, and is insured for public liability.