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Food For Growth

A builder cannot build a house without bricks, mortar and tools. Just like a human cannot grow and function without carbs, fats and proteins. But, like a builder and a house, the better quality supplies we give our body to grow and develop then the more grand and well built house we will have.

You can build a shack out of straw and mud and it will do essentially the same job, it will keep you dry and warm to an extent, but why not build yourself up with the best wiring (neurones) the best plumbing and waste management systems (kidneys and intestines) and use the best bricks, mortar and insulation to make sure you stand the test of time. Eating well even gives you the best workers and staff to look after your house-body, being the enzymes that keep you running.

Some may want to be a well sculpted and grand mansion, such as good ol’ Arnie, and some may want to be small and beautiful with a well trimmed garden. But if you don’t supply the proper resources, then you can’t expect to be built to the highest standard. You are what you eat, after all.


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Alcohol Metabolism 

Fatty Acid Synthesis