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Energy From Food

We all need to eat. That is just a fact. But understanding how your body uses this food and allows you skip and jump and frolic around is something that is often disregarded. There are so many fad diets around utilising so many stupid rules about dieting which, if you actually look at the science behind them, is not a healthy or sustainable weight management method.

Yes if you eat too much fat you can get fat, but that can also happen if you eat too much carbohydrate, or too much protein, or drink too much alcohol, not to mention the myriad of health complications that come with it. In these posts we will be understanding the journey that different foods undertake after they enter your body, and the simple (and lengthy) processes that lead to them ultimately being used for energy.

Of-course, not all of the food we eat is used to fuel our ninja training, so when we eat a surplus it will either be excreted or stored, with the latter being covered in another set of posts under the page ‘Food For Growth‘ which covers how we use ingested food for storage (fat + glycogen), building muscle, making other proteins and the basic utilisation of macro-nutrients except for immediate energy.


The Digestive System

Basic Biology 101: Energy From Respiration

Respiration (Advanced):

Beta-Oxidation: Using Fat For Fuel

Alcohol Metabolism