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Boxing Technique Training

Have you always wanted to hear the crack of ropes skipping under the levitating soles of your shoes?…

The pounding force of your mitt against the bag?…

The indistinguishable blur of your fist moving in perfect rhythmic unison with every fibre, joint, and cell of your body?…

Maybe boxing is for you.

I started boxing at the age of 13 as a chubby chappy with a vast array of martial arts experience varying from 3 days to a month – so far nothing had stuck. I understand the feeling of being overweight, almost as much I do as being addicted to weights and shakes in the quest for a perfect body.

I have been boxing for around 7 years now, reading as many books and coaching as many kids as the club will let me, always striving to build that champion instinct… However…. Not everyone wants to be the new *insert weight class* champion of the world, me being one of them.

I have never felt the urge to compete, and this is a large factor of many martial arts – which I never stuck at, I might add – which often caused me to get put off. I love the challenge, the rush, the spar, the technique, the infinite possibilities that every twitch of your left foot can produce in your hand! Yet, have never been interested in a shiny statue to tell me so; the only opponent in that ring is me.

I have never found a sport so personally rewarding, a sport which hinders no reliance on anyone else but yourself, a sport which can be practiced with bags and kit and this and that, or in literally any location with some open space, a pair of trainers, some gloves, and a coach.

I am that coach.

Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, get shredded, get fit, gain confidence, learn the ability to fight so that you never feel the need to do it out of a ring, or not even fight at all! I want to help you get there. Being punched in the head is an acquired taste, one that requires carefully placed indignation yet complete respect for the fighter and the self, and a taste that is not held by all. Luckily, fighting is only the tiniest morsel of what boxing has to offer.



Booking & Session Times

If you’re feeling inspired to test the limits of your own mind – the only true muscle to be fully tested – and your own physical limits, simply click the booking-book below to arrange your session. Once the booking time has been confirmed I will be in contact shortly for further details, payments and merry introductions, provided we haven’t already met!


Click the book. I thought this was funny.

Terms & Conditions

Any necessary equipment can be provided or bought at a 15% discount from the KnowHow Store. Full amount to be paid according to agreed payment method either before or on commencement of any class. Multiple bookings are available and welcome; all payments shall be put through as a single order once all sessions are confirmed. Any payments made are non-refundable after 3 days (72 hours) of booking. If you are not happy with the delivery of your first session you can cancel and be refunded at any point. Charles Cooke is DBS (formerly CRB) cleared, Level 2 RSPH Hygiene certified, actively working chef, Level 5 Diploma in Nutrition (Hons), Level 2 Gym Instruction, Level 3 Personal trainer, First aid trained, and is insured for public liability.