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Basic Biology 101

This page is exactly what it says on the tin… ish. The posts linked into this page are those that I would highly recommend reading before looking into the more specific pages. Most of the concepts are, in my opinion, pretty simple. But of course there will be varying degrees of difficulty to understand different topics so I will do my best to explain them as clearly and simply as i possibly can.

The will be different levels of explanation: varying from a ‘need to know basis’ to a description suitable for A-level biology exams, at least I hope so, otherwise my studies were all a lie! For those not doing A-levels though, don’t worry about these sections too much. Although I do think they will be very beneficial to a greater understanding of the subject, it is not necessary, just useful. But if you are doing A-levels, read them. Seriously.

Any-wizzle have a gander at these articles:

Basic Chemistry 101 (I know it’s not biology but it’s how the biology can be biology)

Basic Biology 101: Carbohydrate Structure

Basic Biology 101: Protein Structure

Basic Biology 101: Lipid Structure

Basic Biology 101: Enzymes

Basic Biology 101: Energy From Respiration

Basic Biology 101: Cell Structure

Basic Biology 101: Cell Membranes

Basic Biology 101: Molecular Transport (Diffusion-Osmosis-Active Transport)