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Knee Rehabilitation in Balet Dancer

Charlie helped my daughter so much after her injury physically and mentally.
There is no one as special as charlie, he is a true star

Charlie is very knowledgeable

Charlie is very knowledgeable on his sciency stuff, works stupidly hard and is an overall good guy

35kg weight loss

Charlie is a great lad. Very passionate about his job and extremely knowledgeable on his subject!

Good motivator, knows his stuff

Charlie is brilliant at breaking down advanced concepts into stuff that’s understandable. Motivated very well. He ran me ragged for our first session of boxing, worth it though

Lot of variety to keep up progress!

The variety in the sessions made sure you didn’t have time to stall in your progress at all. Sometimes gritting through a solid hour of hard work and other times slowing down to work on the finer points when needed to get the most out of a session. The nutrition advice definitely made the big difference between sessions though!

Personal Experience

Working with Charlie Cooke in his sessions has provided to be far more beneficial then ever expected. His approach to sessions are unconventional but always yield improvements in boxing techniques/fitness. Seemingly simple tasks, sometimes very basic tasks were creatively used as a tool to teach fundamental movements in boxing. In regards to general fitness, his HIIT based fitness sessions were challenging to say the least. Do not expect an easy ride but do know that result are guaranteed. On a final note, durning his sessions Charlie will not be generically shout commands. He will get involved and over the course of the session he will tailor an activity suited for everyone’s individual needs. He is a big believer of practicing what he preaches and that is something you can definitely tell by simply talking to him whether it be about training, nutrition or fitness.

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