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8 Basic Guidelines For Great Health

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The UK.


Good ol’ Blighty.

This small collection of countries has been a global power since before your mum was born, and one of our greatest attributes is the food. Through invasion from the Vikings, the Romans, the Normans, and – in more recent years – immigration from the Jewish, the Italians, the Vietnamese, the Chinese, and more! Britain has always had a great collection of cooking-cultures, and with each new culture comes a great collection of food.

Food matters. We Brits love it, but when did we lose our way of healthy meals, homegrown produce, and hard working graft? Because whatever happened, we’re slowly going downhill into a community of overweight and obese individuals with ever increasing diet-related diseases, nowhere near as fit and healthy as we once were, and our government recognises this.


What Is This?

This post is quite literally telling you what you already know – though, for good reason. I work as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, one who is endlessly told by every fitness-demographic imaginable that they ‘don’t know where to start’, and that ‘there is so much information out there they don’t know what to listen to!’

Yet, unsurprisingly, most people I advise on nutrition already know most of the stuff I am telling them! They just don’t know why they are told to do it or, most importantly, how to implement it into their own lifestyle.

My honest advice? Follow these 8 guidelines, and follow the eat-well plate. Both are provided by the government, a matter which I discuss at the end of the post, and are the basis of all advice that I give to any novice or even more knowledgeable health and fitness enthusiast! You don’t need me to tell you to cut carbs or (as is most common around summer of 2018 while I write this) go high fat; intermittent fast; go keto; or go on a ‘sugar-detox’ – normally, all people need is a very simple guide established not on a 3-month study of 30 people, but of 150 years(ish) of research finding pretty much the same thing over and over…

Want to be healthy? Follow the guidelines.

Want to lose weight? Follow the guidelines but just eat less of it.

Want to gain weight? Eat the same but more of it!

Not know where to start on how to be healthy and build a great knowledge of health and nutrition?
Then read this post!


  1. Base Your Meals on Starchy Carbohydrates
  2. Eat Lots of Fruit and Veg
  3. Eat More Fish
  4. Cut Down On Saturated Fats and Sugar
  5. Eat Less Salt
  6. Get Active and Maintain A Healthy Weight
  7. Don’t Get Thirsty
  8. Don’t Skip Breakfast

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