‘Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions’ – William Allin


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So we should eat carbohydrates for energy… Why? And protein is used for growth and to build muscle… How? Follow this 1 weird trick to lose 5 stone in a week… Rubbish.

Hi, my name is Charlie and I am the runner/writer/health and science enthusiast that is behind Know-How Nutrition, and, I’m not sure about you, but I am sick of seeing all of these posts and pages telling us that if we do this program or that diet then we will lose weight and look like a physical Adonis.

This site is directed at spreading the science behind the nutrition and diet rules, not just to be yet another health and fitness blog telling you how to live your life.

Why not enjoy the vibrancy of life and the perk of a great body every day by just using some real knowledge?





About KnowHowNutrition

KnowHowNutrition, as a website, started in December 2016 as a way to keep my passion in nutrition productive, and to organise my revision as if you can’t teach a subject then, well, simply, you don’t really know it. However, in August of that same year, 4 months before, while working as a sous chef at a local Italian restaurant, I had already started a book of a similar nature…

I would come home from work at about 10pm and get typing, putting together all of the information that I had learned about biochemistry and how food affects our bodies and physiology at a cellular level, and how it is that these little nutrients and minerals were able to determine how well our body could use this food for energy to make us stronger, smarter, healthier and happier. I didn’t even start my Nutrition degree until a month later!

Through 1 year of updating the site with blog posts, bringing together nutrition information and the science that defines it, I found that I could be doing more with my passion. So, in January 2017, I registered KnowHowNutrition as a Social Enterprise and became fully insured. This is a business that exists for profit, yes, but with the purpose of re-investing it into you. The people. And into the planet that we all live on.

I am now an insured nutritionist (still undertaking my degree – I might add) as-well as an active boxing coach, founded on 6 years of experience, amongst avid reading and practice, as-well as undertaking my personal training qualification, and also 5 years experience as a chef across over 15 kitchens! Not only does KnowHowNutrition work to improve the health and fitness of you, the person reading this, but we also run projects to support the learning of growing, cooking, smart-shopping and the lifestyle of being healthy, so that we are all best equipped to be happy.

By buying KnowHowNutrition products you not only support us in our aims to change the face of UK dietary habits, but by wearing KnowHow clothing you show to everyone around you that you have made an active decision to reject all yo-yo diets, unsustainable habits and stupid supplements! Instead choosing to invest in a way of life where you know exactly how much to eat of what and when, how it will affect your body, how that will impact your goals and, most importantly, you can still have butter and pizza! It’s about being realistic, not perfect…

You are now a member of Team KnowHow. This is your time.


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